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Mt. Kenya

The Pamoja Research team from Royal Institute of Technology and Aalto University is actively traveling and getting to know East Africa. Recent report from John, Irena and Federico tells us the story from their trip to Mount Kenya.

Since the early days of planning the trip to East-Africa we were sure that we wanted to go hiking. The first option was Kilimanjaro, but since it seemed to be a lot more expensive, due to the distance from Nairobi and more hiking days. So we ended up choosing the second highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kenya for our destination. The route we took was Sirimon- Point Lenana- Naro Moru.

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Pamoja constructs a fixed dome shaped bio digester.

Pamoja, determined to fight the effects of climate change, has entered into partnerships with other organizations that are already involved in the fight. One such organization is Heifer International, an international non-government organization that is involved in improving livelihoods through giving skills and providing projects that can fight poverty.

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Pamoja to launch floating dome shaped bio digester.

After spending almost a year of research, design and great deal of effort from engineers both local and international, Pamoja can proudly say that there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel for those, especially farmers and urban people who have a great deal of organic waste and yet spend all their lives in darkness and no cooking energy. This comes after Pamoja Research Engineer, Ashabahabwe Ambrose handed over the research report to the Pamoja management team while at their offices at Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) last Thursday.

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Pamoja is Starting Off

Welcome to the new Pamoja page.

The Pamoja team

Pamoja for Energy

Energy alone accounts for 60% of the developed countries’ civilization. Yet, this precious commodity is so scarce in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, deforestation is rolling out from the South to the North of Africa as people cut down trees in search of firewood and charcoal. Most of Africa is dotted with economic trading centers with no economic life simply because there is no energy to drive them. This keeps a large percentage of the population dull and unproductive, ever increasing the cost of living!
Against this background, three visionary young men: Peik Stenlund, Felix Ertl and William Katende, while in Sweden in the summer of 2009, shared their passion to see the change of affairs in regards to this African predicament. As they cast their sight towards this mountainous African problem, what came to their minds was whether or not they had what it takes to create the change they so much desired! Guess what? Because of the passion in each of them, they confided in each other that as individuals they would not manage, but agreed that as a team, it would be possible. Hence, the name PAMOJA. Pamoja is a Swahili word meaning “Together as One”.

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