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HUB Helsinki co-hosted event

The initiative to co-create an event with the HUB Helsinki appeared in early spring 2010 when we visited Sami Oinonen for a chat. Well he listened to us telling the Pamoja story and our establishment in East Africa and then he simply opened up his calendar and suggested us to co-host an event on cleantech. We really did not know what to expect from a visit to the proto space of HUB Helsinki, but this sounded like a cool thing.

The planning of the event was a quite long process from thinking only cleantech we started to shift focus towards  sustainable business in Bottom of the Pyramid markets. When we picked up this idea after the summer, this made a lot of sense. The week we had scheduled for the event was full of events touching upon the same subject. There was the TEKES workshop on cleantech business in BoP markets, there was the Mobile Brain Bank event on Mobile Business in Africa, and then Nordic Africa Days in Turku as well.

We simply decided to attend all events and pitch, as well as run our co-hosted event at the HUB. Read more

The new approach? – Pamoja event in Helsinki

Event location in Helsinki

Upcoming Pamoja Event in Helsinki

Together with the HUB Helsinki, PAMOJA is organizing the event “THE NEW APPROACH?” – Sustainable growth for a changing base of the pyramid. We are really proud about the prominent speakers we could arrange for this event. It already caught a lot of interest in Helsinki.

Our project “Sprouts of Sustainability” and its business model serves as a case for discussions at the event. The project is still in stealth mode and we are really excited to present it for the first time to the public at this event. “Sprouts of Sustainability” is an integrated model that brings renewable energy to rural areas, while exciting new business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. We will explain it more in detail later.


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