Stockholm, Helsinki, Seoul, Kampala and Shanghai

Our Pamoja team has as normally been spread all around the world. Felix left for Stockholm in the beginning of the week and arranged with housing and all practical matters important when settling in a new city. One of the first things he got his hands on was a new racer bike for instance.

Maria is in Shanghai to participate in a climate finance conference and hopefully we get an exciting report from there in the near future.

In Finland the team focused on preparing for future activites. Me and Irena met with the Hub Helsinki to discuss a co-hosted event in the planning. I also attended “Africa – continent of opportunities” TEKES seminar where Pekka Haavisto was one of the speakers. 

Haavisto is a Finnish member of the parliament, former Minister on Environment. Haavisto has also worked in a number of tasks in the United Nations. Haavisto has recently published a report on the opportunities in Africa today and encourages Finnish business community to take a more active role on the continent.

The contact with our Ugandan team is more frequent than ever thanks to an improved internet connection. We are able to talk on skype video and to hear and see each other on a daily basis. William reported that he had continous problems to get a VISA, hence it looks like the US trip will not happen during the fall. Still, he was optimistic and saw it as a chance to focus all his energy on Pamoja instead. David shared his enthusiasm on how things are moving in Finland and I was glad to tell him all about the demo day and our other activities in the North


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