SU Innovation

Our new office is in the heart of the Sthlm University campus

Pamoja moves forward with full speed in Sweden. During the last week me and Felix has relocated to SU Innovation offices at the Stockholm University campus. We are really satisfied with our new office.  SU Holding AB serves with experienced business expertise and broad networks, the working atmosphere at the offices seems to be really good as well. We are glad that the incubator has earlier experience to work with for profit social entreprenuership and personally I am really excited to design our social enterprise profile during the autumn.

The beginning of the week was still full of practical matters and planning. After a long working day on Tuesday, Ramine Darabiha called us for a beer and some networking. spontaneously  we visited the Arctic Evening hosted by Arctic Startup.

On Wednesday we had a breakfast meeting with many of the entrepreneurs and coaches at the offices. We presented what we do and told them our story, also we got to know the structure of the work here. Basically me and Felix started working immediately since we knew that a lot of things are happening right now.

In true global spirit we had a week full of Skype meetings to Finland, Korea, Uganda and India. The great focus was at the end of the week, where we had an exciting meeting coming up on a possible sustainability project. I will tell you more about this when we are a little bit further down the road.

Well, now it’s still time to plan for the upcoming week. Even though I also look forward to the weekend. Into the wild, I believe, we could go for a nature trip to relax, or picking mushrooms in the woods, it’s autumn after all.


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    • Eva
    • September 19th, 2010

    Lycka till i Sverige.

    • Tini
    • September 25th, 2010

    Good Luck Guys!!!

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