“Think global, act local” from the Pamoja perspective

Hejsan, Siku njema, Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요), Hyvää päivää, Ywm Sʻyd (يوم سعيد.), Dobar dan (Добар дан) and Servus,

“hello” in all languages spoken in the Pamoja team…

I just realized this the other day, as I was receiving an email in finish again (not a single glimpse what it means) : We have quite a mix of languages in Pamoja . – Finish is always good for some real laughters. It looks and sounds so funny. Those tough guys…:) – Also, Peik and me, who are sitting in the Swedish office, often… get confused with our languages. English is so present in Sweden, but I’m always pushing him to speak Swedish to me. He gets quite annoyed sometimes, I guess, with my bad Dedish (DEutsch sweDISH) But there is much of a Swede in him, so he doesn’t complain. ^^ (Korean smiley) hehe

As you can imagine, international and inter-cultural communication implies  a lot of potential grounds for arguments and misunderstandings. However, two weeks have past in Sweden for me like 2 days. It’s just a lot of fun to work in our international team. Sometimes one might get frustrated that things don’t work like you expect them to work. But then, just the next moment, you get surprised about the progress and how quick a problem got solved in a totally different way. I personally gained so much from these experiences so far.

We all work together to get something moving in rural areas in Uganda and East Africa. I think it can be a pretty good explanation for the term “think global, act local”. Bringing all diverse individual backgrounds and strengths in the project helps to make this happen. I’m really looking forward to come out of the stealth mode being able to present really what we are working on.


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