Inspiring times

Time is running fast when you have fun. The Stockholm times so far has been wonderful. One day we work from morning to evening in order to finish business proposals or budget layouts, another day goes by with intense planning or brainstorming combined with tons of emails. One day is not similar to the other one.

Just a week or so ago we were hosting a guest from Denmark. Kresten Buch, Founder of HumanIPO, seed investor and entrepreneur. He paid us a visit at the office for some morning coffee. We had the chance to show him our plans and we got some valuable feedback. Our business model got essential push forward. 

At lunchtime we all headed to Kyrkan, the entreprenuerial hub for social entrepreneurs in Stockholm.It was a lot of fun to visit Kyrkan since a lot familiar faces and friends were present. We had a chat with Arne from Global Focus who shared his thoughts with us and encouraged us to move forward. It was inspiring indeed to discuss crowdsourcing among other topics with him. Hopefully, something concrete comes out of Arne and Kresten meeting each other.

We were also discussing the lack of a meeting place for social entrepreneurs to actually connect with investors – there is even a broader lack of an open-minded meeting place between actors from different fields and entrepreneurs, not to mention a place where academia can meet business people and social innovators!


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