Pamoja to launch floating dome shaped bio digester.

After spending almost a year of research, design and great deal of effort from engineers both local and international, Pamoja can proudly say that there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel for those, especially farmers and urban people who have a great deal of organic waste and yet spend all their lives in darkness and no cooking energy. This comes after Pamoja Research Engineer, Ashabahabwe Ambrose handed over the research report to the Pamoja management team while at their offices at Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) last Thursday.

This new system occupies smaller space, is cleaner, is constructed to keep the waste covered, and is portable. It is yet another form of bio digester that will soon join the market after the fixed dome shaped-carmatec design (Chinese model) that has already flooded the market. The inspiration behind this innovation was to make the use of biogas for those already using it more attractive and friendly and as a way to inspire those without, but with capacity to own one, to do so. The innovation wished to emphasize smaller space needed for the plant so that biogas plant needn’t use a lot of space. It looked into making it portable so that should the owner wish to shift, he could always go with it. Because it’s portable, it can always be cleaned, hence leaving the environment clean. It’s these qualities that have already brought many clients to the Pamoja offices demanding to have the digester. However, the Pamoja management team has been hesitant to supply their eager clients before they could finalize with the nitty gritty of the innovation. Now that the research has been finished and found to provide a solution to communities, Pamoja is preparing a final report to present to Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI), “who are our wonderful and encouraging hosts” says William Katende, the Pamoja Chief Executive Officer. “We will roll out the innovation to the communities for as long as UIRI is contented with our findings.”


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