Pamoja constructs a fixed dome shaped bio digester.

Pamoja, determined to fight the effects of climate change, has entered into partnerships with other organizations that are already involved in the fight. One such organization is Heifer International, an international non-government organization that is involved in improving livelihoods through giving skills and providing projects that can fight poverty.

As I write, Heifer International has a program of sponsoring companies involved in the bio digester construction to a tune of 30% of the required costs while they encourage the companies to look out for clients who can pay the 70% of the required costs. They have a plan of constructing 12,000 bio digesters in the next five years.

It is through such initiatives that Pamoja was able to identify and build a bio digester for one Mrs. Joan Kakwenzire who is the Presidential Advisor on poverty eradication for the Ugandan government. Remember, that as Pamoja is finalizing with its report on the floating dome bio digester, it saw an opportunity in participating with the carmatec design that is promoted by Heifer International as a way of building rapport with other partners in this fight, as well as promoters like SNV (Netherlands Development Agency). Through this contact with Mrs. Joan Kakwenzire, plans are underway to identify other farmers from her residential area who may be in need of the bio digesters.

//David K.

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