Summer of Startups! update

It’s been almost a month since the Summer of Startups program started. During this time, we’ve realized that it’s time to take the whole project to another level and give it 120%. The Summer of Startups offers an interesting platform to shape our business model, narrow down our focus and take necessary steps towards approaching future investors. Surrounded by 9 other startup teams, it’s been an inspiring working environment – with everyone creating their own projects – all at the Aalto Venture Garage. Constantly being able to exchange experiences and ideas and bringing alive new ones is just another reason why I’m becoming a believer in open work spaces as entrepreneurs from a diverse range of businesses interact and innovate together! This is what the Aalto Venture Garage calls Open Source Entrepreneurship . I love the unexpected collision of ideas generated in a place like this!

For the Pamoja Innovations team, the experience to share a summer with 9 other brilliant startup teams has been challenging – which is to be expected! Our team consists of members situated in countries all over the world: Africa, Korea, Germany – so our summer planning has been a bit demanding. But when you’re working closely with talented engineers and young leaders, I’ve been feeling like everything is possible! I have to give credit to the SoS coaches Ramine and Ville, for being able to arrange everything in such a flexible way. The support has been great and pushing us towards new results, such as demanding us to build a new prototype, without our engineers! It’s really pushed us out of our comfort zone ☺ We realized that we have been operating and inventing in something like a creative bubble of fun during our first 9 months of existence. From the beginning Pamoja, has been about making difficult things happen with a simple approach: let’s give it a chance, lets have some fun and see what happens! So far, our team spirit and journey has been amazing. We’re looking forward to another exciting month, with a fresh and free mind.

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  1. This is great work!Climate chnage is a challenge to Uganda and such innovations is what Uganda has been waiting for.I wish to extend my appreciation for these initiatives

    Keep on moving on!

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