Globe Forum Dublin

Pamoja Cleantech team was invited to participate at the Globe Forum in Dublin. The event was interesting from a networking perspective. I met with a lot of interesting contacts for the future when we are a little further down the road. Also I was glad to talk to representatives from KIVA. Their East African presence is definately something we will look closer at. Also having the chance to talk to former Irish president Mary Robinson was a pleasure. Most of all I was looking forward to hear Dipal Chandra Barua of Bright Green Energy Foundation.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to talk to him though. Anyways, I am excited about the Globe Forum and I really appreciate their approach. As a social entrepreneur or innovator there is certainly an awareness of the death valley problem and I am curious to see the launch of their new crowd funding service. See you in Stockholm in 2011 at the next Globe Forum hopefully.

// Peik Stenlund

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