International team, global opportunities

Pamoja Team

Since last update the team has been busy at many levels. There are 17 people involved in the project and we are gaining momentum. We have  a team focusing on design and product development. This work is quite fascinating and attracts a lot of interest, in a few months time we will have what we call the Green Plant ready and running – our hybrid renewable energy micro powerplant.

Me and Felix has also been active negotiating and promoting our idea at the Social Entrepreneurship Forum and the Swedish East African Chamber of Commerce.The evening at the SE Forum was a cool experience and we got a lot of interest for the project. It was great that Vattenfall Ab – a Swedish energy company  was represented in the audience. We also got to talk to people for Schneider Electronics and The Africa Groups, which is a solidarity organization independent of any political party or religious body actively working with African interests and policy in Sweden. We have also met with some of the companies that we are negotiating with, no names mentioned yet ;) but we are looking at pretty nice partnerships and potential collaborations in both the telecom and the energy industry.

This week I also visited the Swedish East African Chamber of Commerce which hosted an event on business opportunities between Sweden and the region. It was a pleasure meeting with like-minded people and hearing about successful Swedish ventures in the market was also nice.

Peik Stenlund

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