Great Challenges Berlin

In January our team participated in a program called Great Challenges Berlin, which brought us  to Berlin to get to know more about the local startup business scene.  It was basically  a chance for networking for entrepreneurs who is working on solutions of  a variety of  global social problems such as hygiene, environmental or water shortage.

During our stay we got the chance to work at the local creative co-working space Betahaus in Kreutzberg and hanging out here and meeting with other locla entrepreneurs was definately one of the better parts of the trip.  We also visited the Social Impact Lab, a center for social entrepreneurship in Berlin. Social Impact Lab works closely with SAP and the majority of the startup projects they engage in is IT focused.I want to pick up an example, a startup company called Transfair, working to develop a tool that enables outsourcing academic level tasks to people in developing countries. I think it’s a very interesting area to work with and I can confirm the problem of brain drain in East Africa. I have met many Africans who are educated and capable, but never had the chance to work with the equivalent level of education.

During our stay we also had the chance to meet a few interesting social impact investors and specially the new initiative from Deutche Bank for social impact investing is extremely interesting.

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