BIG news – First power plant at site

Recently Pamoja partnered with Norges Vel and Husk Power Systems in order to implement 4 biomass energy powersystems in Uganda. Pamoja Cleantech has been contracted to operate and maintain the systems. Part of the task is to pilot the HUSK business model and develop a strategy which will work for the East African local context. The first power plant unit has been shipped at sea from India. The whole process took ca 2 months and the unit has now finally reached the community site.

Co-founder William Katende is managing the team effort at site. Initial training has been started and the preparation work at site has been finished. Just recently the plant was tested for a continous 5 hour running time. The team is sourcing mini-grid equipment and testing methods for biomass processing. The local community represented by Kananansi Youth Farmers Association has been very collaborative.  3 technicians from the community have been selected for receiving further training with the objevtive  for them to be able to  manage operation of the power plant at site with Pamoja Uganda. This is an exciting phase for the entire team and we have worked hard to reach it. On the other hand, this is just a beginning in buidling a long term sustainable energy service company.

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