Shift Accelerator – towards more resilient business

During the last days Pamoja team in Sweden has been participating in a startup accelerator SHIFT. The acccelerator program is designed to boost a new generation of startups with tools for shaping sustainable and resilient business operations. During the last days of intenvise workshping, pitching and feedback from assigned menthors from Stockholm Resilience Center our team has had the unique chance to futher ellaborate our system innovation and scrutinize the environmental challenges of our innovation. It has been an inspiring experience to meet with likeminded entrerpreneurs from all around the baltics and more.

Great menthors and speakers lead us through the process. Sara Öhrvall from Bonnier inspired us with insights from forward thinking innovation in media industry and Per Olsson, Andrew Merrie and Fredrik Moberg and company guided us through the research and terminology in systems thinkning and planteray boundaries.

A variety of startups showed  up for the first bacth of Shift.  Vertical windpower, speed reading, water cleaning for industrial applications, tropical weather forecasting and fair trade forestry products just to mention a few of the super cool gamechanging bsuiness ideas that these startups work with. Having the chance to learn from others as well as connect with system reasearchers and telate our business to planetary boundaries and resilience thinking has been an energizing learning experience.

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