Grid installed and first households connected

After a few months of hard work the grid connection to the houses around the power plant is installed. About 40 power poles have been built along the main road of the village in order to allow a connection of the households. During the latest weeks, the first houses have been electrified including lightning and supply with sockets. Our technicians are now able to organize the system on a self-sustaining way. From the supply with corn cobs feedstock until the electricity reaches the households – the whole system runs on a continous basis.

The next challenge will be to run the system commercially and to establish a stable process flow. This includes dealing with the supply chain with maize cobs and the residue product of charcoals and tar, implementing and efficient payment system is crucial ofcourse. Pamoja has developd an offering that allows poorer households to benefit from a low-cost one-bulb package with individual tariffs. Finally, villagers do no longer have to walk far to charge their mobile phones, and the villagers do not need to use health harming and dangerous kerosene lamps with poor lightning quality any more. In the following phase, Pamoja will work to introduce community services that allow the community to make productive use of the electricity and to create income generating enterprises that runs on sustainable energy.

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