First lights, promising results

At the pilot site, the first 40 kW biomass gasification power plant has been running continously and the first hurdles from sourcing suitable biomass has been overcome. Together with partners a suitable shredder has been sourced and the design has been modified in order to be able to make use of the corn cobs residue for electricity production. The residue needs to be of the right size to function well in the gasifier. To celebrate that the first electric lights were lit there was a big ceremony and party was arranged at site. Local dj’s were invited to play the funkiest music and the technology was showcased for the community members and the project partner Kananasi Youth Farmers Association.

The technical training seems to produce promising results. 4 technicans, 1 woman and 3 men have been trained and can now run the machince without external supervision. Since the first period of fairly successful piloting we have runned into unfortunate and long delays for connecting the micro grid to the first household customers. The first door-to-door registration of willing customers have been started. Finally, the appropriate wooden poles have reached site. The project team is only awaiting needed approval from local authorities to setup electricity distribution technologies and then we believe we can reach the commissioning stage of the project.

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