Building Capacity – aiming for ESCO

Pamoja has been busy in the field as anyone would expect from a venture within rural electrification. Lately, the power plant site has been crowded with new trainees that aspire to become power plant operators. Together with technology partners from the US and India Pamoja has now trained over 20 new operators that can independently run a small scale power plant that uses agricultural residues for power production through biomass gasification. The future opportunities for technically trained personnel who master renewable energy technologies are numerous.

Not only will Pamoja recruit new staff members from this talent pool. The whole sector is evolving and we can see many new small enterprises establish with an ambition to produce sustainable power from biomass waste. For Pamoja’s long term success it is absolutely crucial to work for technology transfer and train skilled staff for operation and maintenance purposes. We are essentially building an energy service company (ESCO) and we will work hard to keep being reliable and service oriented, enabling long term value for our customers.

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