Pamoja Cleantecha for-profit social business – brings renewable energy to East African communities.

Pamoja Cleantech is a global born start-up enabling technology transfer for clean energy technologies in East Africa to excite sustainable entrepreneurship and climate change mitigation. Pamoja is facilitating the establishment of a local energy service company and implementing a concept for rural electrification based on biomass gasification in Uganda.

Our approach puts people in the centre and provides access to cost-effective and secure energy. Through capacity building among young experts, we create self sustaining, decentralized energy systems that give new ground to economic and social development. Pamoja is Swahili and means ”together as one”. This reflects our integrated action that involves local expertise and taps knowledge from international universities.

Our Partners:

By involving local talent from the beginning, we can empower these entrepreneurs and technicians with the tools needed to take action at the local level. It is our hope that this movement will inspire similar initiatives.



Pamoja Cleantech AB

Svante Arrhenius väg 21B
114 18 Stockholm



Pamoja Cleantech Uganda (U) Ltd.

Plot 42A Mukabya Rd
P.O.Box 29613 Kl’a