Pamoja and Summer of Startups featured in Talouselämä

Team Pamoja and Summer of Startups were featured in the Nordic region’s largest weekly magazine on economics Talouselämä. The magazine is read by more than 190 000 readers and 80 000 copies. The article praises the atmosphere at the recently held Demo day at the Aalto Venture Garage and compares it similar events in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, the article quotes Burton Lee, lecturer at Stanford Unviersity on European Innovation and Enterprises, who says Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is the best student association focusing on entrepreneurship in Europe that he has seen operating.

Among other startups Pamoja Innovations is mentioned as the team which developed most during the summer. The article touch upon the jury’s motivation, that in the beginning of the summer the team looked like a consultancy firm, at the end of it all the team was able to present a demo “The Power Stomach” – a compost like innovation which makes household bio waste into energy.

Working in the Garage

US Ambassador Smitten with Pamoja

The Aalto Venture Garage hosted a few high level visitors: the US Ambassador Bruce Oreck and the Embassy’s senior commercial officer Nicholas Kuchova. In their early days they had worked in clean technology, working in Panama with a company producing bio digesters! As we already have two prototypes up and going here at the Garage, one with cow dung and one with food waste,  we had the opportunity to showcase these – and to guests who already knew a thing or two about the work we do!

They were impressed and gave us good feedback and ideas about our next steps, including financing.

The work continues… One and a half weeks to go with the Summer of Startups program.

US Ambassador Bruce Oreck from Aaltoes on Vimeo.

Summer of Startups! update

It’s been almost a month since the Summer of Startups program started. During this time, we’ve realized that it’s time to take the whole project to another level and give it 120%. The Summer of Startups offers an interesting platform to shape our business model, narrow down our focus and take necessary steps towards approaching future investors. Surrounded by 9 other startup teams, it’s been an inspiring working environment – with everyone creating their own projects – all at the Aalto Venture Garage. Constantly being able to exchange experiences and ideas and bringing alive new ones is just another reason why I’m becoming a believer in open work spaces as entrepreneurs from a diverse range of businesses interact and innovate together! This is what the Aalto Venture Garage calls Open Source Entrepreneurship . I love the unexpected collision of ideas generated in a place like this!


Pamoja is Starting Off

Welcome to the new Pamoja page.

The Pamoja team

Pamoja for Energy

Energy alone accounts for 60% of the developed countries’ civilization. Yet, this precious commodity is so scarce in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, deforestation is rolling out from the South to the North of Africa as people cut down trees in search of firewood and charcoal. Most of Africa is dotted with economic trading centers with no economic life simply because there is no energy to drive them. This keeps a large percentage of the population dull and unproductive, ever increasing the cost of living!
Against this background, three visionary young men: Peik Stenlund, Felix Ertl and William Katende, while in Sweden in the summer of 2009, shared their passion to see the change of affairs in regards to this African predicament. As they cast their sight towards this mountainous African problem, what came to their minds was whether or not they had what it takes to create the change they so much desired! Guess what? Because of the passion in each of them, they confided in each other that as individuals they would not manage, but agreed that as a team, it would be possible. Hence, the name PAMOJA. Pamoja is a Swahili word meaning “Together as One”.

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